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An Amazing Race

Carina Morris
Grand and Reserve Champion Carina Morris set the bar
at the 2016 Eastern Classic. Carina is pictured above
with her mother Kathy and daughter Shelby, along with
her horses Get Em Frenchy, TJO Perks of Shawnee
and BQ Sunfrost Rocket.

An amazing Race describes the 2016 Camarillo Eastern Barrel Racing Classic. American Semi Finals Qualifier and four-time Eastern Classic Champion Carina Morris from Rio, Wisconsin, finished first, second and third in the 1D average riding Get Em Frenchy, TJO Perks of Shawne and BQ Sunfrost Rocket. Cindy Harlan, Sherri Wright, Faith Robbins and Twyla Kite rounded out the 1D in the three go-round average.

Great Lakes Circuit Finalist, NBHA 1D Champion and mother of seven (that's right, SEVEN children) Amy Zehrer from Rogers, Minnesota, bested the 2D field riding her 15 year-old gelding, Reckless Merit. Newly wed Nikki Little from Manito, Illinois rode Fols Firewater to the 3D Championship and Sioux City, Nebraska's Monica Ensminger rode Clyde to win top honors in the 4D.

Amy Zehrer
2D Champion Amy Zehrer
and Reckless Merit.

Thank you to our generous sponsors who provided over $20,000 in cash and awards for our Classic winners. Court's and Reinsman Team Camarillo saddles were awarded to divisional champions along with MVP, Equithrive and Spoon River Soap products. Grand Champion Carina Morris was also awarded Ice Vibe modality boots and a Horseware Ireland blanket for the Fast Time: In Pursuit of Excellence award. Carina pocketed go-round checks in the amount of $2,300. Second in each division won a Gist Silversmith Reserve Champion belt buckle and a Horseware Ireland embroidered vest. 3rd place in each division received a Horseware Ireland blanket and hood. 4th place winners received an Ariat boot certificate and monogrammed Ariat duffel bag. 5th place winners received a Reinsman felt saddle pad. 6th place winners received SA Walls custom stirrups and 7th place winners in each division received tooled Double Diamond rope halters. The last qualifying place in each average was awarded a Macie Bean boot certificate.

Nikki Little
3D Champion Nikki Little
and Fols Firewater.

The FarmTek timer was presented to 15 year-old Faith Robbins for winning the Target Race. Though the Target Race is figured on the first two go-rounds, Faith ran 15.2 and change in each of the three go-rounds. Faith also won the Junior Race. The Senior Race went Cindy Harlan and the Appreciation Race winner was again, Carina Morris. Congratulations to each go-round check winner and average divisional award winner!

This year's event at the Kirkwood Equestrian Center in Cedar Rapids was dedicated to our past General Manager Suzanne Lee. A reception in her honor generated over $1,600 for the Wrangler National Patriot Program and contestants enjoyed close to $6,000 in door prizes.

Monica Ensminger
4D Champion Monica
Ensminger and Clyde.

The 2017 Eastern Classic will be November 10-12 at the C Bar C Expo Center in Cloverdale, Indiana. Nicki Westerlund will assume the Eastern Classic General Manager position. It's an honor to have Nicki join the program. Nicki is an experienced businesswoman, a Camarillo student and a multiple Classic competitor. Our values and goals for this race are well aligned and I'm confident she will bring both fun and growth to the event.

Run times can be viewed on the Sharon Camarillo Classic Facebook page. Thanks to Jessica Jackson for the event photographs.

The 2017 Camarillo Clinic Schedule is online. To qualify for one of the Classic contests a contestant must have participated in at least one Sharon Camarillo Clinic. I hope to see returning students as well as new students in 2017.

Again, a huge thank you to our Gold and Silver Sponsors for their generous cash and award donations toward the success of the Classic programs. Welcome to new sponsors Westerlund Trucking, Inc., Tobey Family, Astoria, Oregon and The NBHA.

2016 Eastern Classic Winners

Thanks to our generous sponsors, awards valued at $20,000 went to the top seven average winners in each division of the 2016 Camarillo Eastern Classic!