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Reinsman General Information

For general information about Reinsman, please use the contact information below:

P.O. Box 5058
Cleveland, Tennessee 37320

Phone: (423) 559–8799
Fax: (423) 339–0277


Reinsman Saddle Pads
Visit our Barrel Racing Superstore
for a complete selection of saddle pads. 

I have had the opportunity to work with Reinsman since its inception almost 15 years ago. At that time, I was asked by founders Bob Brandon and Glen Taylor to come on board with Reinsman to design and endorse the Sharon Camarillo Collection of bits and pads. The invitation was a God-send to me, as prior to Reinsman, the collection of bits I used in my programs were a selection from my personal collection. It was difficult to direct students to a source to find something similar. Today, the Sharon Camarillo Collection is available worldwide through our Barrel Racing Superstore, Reinsman retailers and are featured products at our clinics.

Reinsman Sure Fit concept
The Sure Fit concept of our saddle pads
is a tremendous resource for the
comfort and performance of your horse. 

Reinsman Equestrian Products has the best pad selections in the industry. We take pride in our function and design. Select the Tacky Too breathable neoprene if your horse's pad has a tendency to slide and shift. Our 100% wool felt is also a great and traditional option. Wool absorbs more moisture than synthetic products, breathes for a cooler ride and dries quickly after use. The great thing about our contoured design is that both construction and materials conform to the shape of individual horse's backs. Voids or recessed areas caused by wither pockets or conformation that don't allow for even distribution of saddle bar pressure, can quickly cause cranky, back sore horses. The Sure Fit concept is a tremendous resource to fill in low or receding areas, as the precisely placed filling aids in producing an even surface resulting in even bar pressure and better fitting saddles. Because of the different disciplines and the variety of shapes of backs, I believe each horse should have his own saddle pad, selected with his unique conformation in mind.

The construction of Reinsman's pads is second to none; heavy duty wear leathers insure miles of hard riding. Some selections offer the unique cut back shoulder designed to enhance horses' performance without binding the shoulder or affecting the length of the horse's stride. Freedom of shoulder movement is critical especially in any timed event. I estimate at a run that a horse's stride is around 8-10 feet and takes approximately 3/10's of a second. Poorly fitted breast collars or saddle pads that restrict movement can cost precious seconds in competition.

Reinsman is dedicated to manufacture a quality product at an affordable price, and most importantly, to offer the best possible customer service. Reinsman manufactures over 500 styles of Made in America handmade bits, and a complete selection of saddle pads in an array of colors and styles. Reinsman’s strap goods and accessories offer the best leather in today’s markets with many different variations from which to choose.


Sweet Six Iron Wrap O–Ring Mouth: Stock No. 744

“Best Selling” Sweet Six

This is the featured training bit in the Sharon Camarillo clinic programs. The unique design of the Sweet Six offers direct control similar to a ring snaffle, while offering additional control with the introduction of curb pressure.

The Sweet Six concept can serve as a training snaffle or a transition bit into a bridle. The sweet iron wrapped mouthpiece stimulates saliva and helps to keep a light feel in the horse’s mouth.

The Sweet Six has a lifetime guarantee.

Short Lifter: Stock No. 713

Short Lifter

This is truly one of the most universal bits in the Sharon Camarillo Collection. The Short Lifter Has a 7” cheek with a 5” ported mouthpiece. It helps to align the horse’s body while balancing the horse’s shoulders. The curb pressure offers a firm yet yielding rate control. The slight gag and independent motion of the shanks makes this bit an excellent transition from the ring snaffle.

This is the bit I recommend for horses that are over-bent and horses that have a difficult time traveling straight. It is one of my favorite bits for trail riding, cattle working or general all around riding. The key to adjustment is to create a small wrinkle in the horse’s mouth and insert two fingers between the curb and chin.

The Short Lifter has a lifetime guarantee.

Split Training Rein: Stock No. 7303

“Economy” Split Training Rein

This is a ¾” weighted Harness Leather rein. I choose ¾” for the size of most riders hands. The weight of the rein is important so the horse feels the rein pressure when applied to his neck and helps to provide a “feel” between the rider’s hands and the horse’s mouth.

The rein is designed with a stopper for use with a running martingale and a button slot for use with the Sharon Camarillo German Martingale.

The rein is genuine Herman Oak Leather.

German Martingale: Stock No. 7762

Cowboy Martingale

This leather fork martingale is truly unique. We encourage you to use it with the single or double training rein. The position of the button slot on the Sharon Camarillo split rein allows the rider to adjust the Cowboy Martingale to help ride collected and balanced on the horse.

The Sharon Camarillo training equipment will promote the athletic carriage by helping the horse to round in the back while elevating at the wither and poll.

The martingale is genuine Herman Oak Leather.