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FEATURING Court's Saddlery

Court's Saddlery

This is my third decade as an endorsee and saddle designer for Court’s Saddlery. Ironically, the industry standard 4” cantle for barrel racing saddles began with Court’s and the Sharon Camarillo endorsement.

I sent Court’s a Buster Welch tree with specifications for modifications to adapt the trees qualities to barrel racing. On receipt of the proto type, the 4” cantle looked so tall! However after just one trip to the arena, I was sold on its resource, and the rest is history. The Court’s saddle has been the one most important tool to my competitive success.

Court’s Saddlery celebrated it 50th Anniversary in 2006 and is based in Bryan, Texas. Court’s has manufactured trophy saddles for prestigious organizations form the High School Rodeo Association, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and the National Finals Rodeo. Court’s is the official saddle sponsor for the Miss Rodeo America Pageant and has supported the organization for over 25 years. Court’s is also the official saddle sponsor for the Sharon Camarillo Programs.

Continuing the family tradition, Tony Court, grandson of Founder Tony Court Senior, is now the head saddle maker at Court’s Saddlery and has his own line of custom saddles.

Tony says making saddles is labor intensive. “We do some things by machine but most of the work on the saddle is done by hand. Though some things have changed in saddle production over the years, most of the changes are trends like colored seats, dots, new patterns and different riggings.”

The Sharon Camarillo Collection includes the famous Freedom Fit Breast Collar, designed for a better fit and freedom of movement. The Freedom Fit Breast Collar is featured on the cover of my book, The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing. The Sharon Camarillo Collection also includes matching headstalls designed to provide a complete and professional look. For product information contact Debbie Wood or give her a call at (530) 895-1852.

Sharon Camarillo Saddles


All Sharon Camarillo/Court’s saddles have a style number that can be located on the tie strap catcher. A saddle number generally contains five digits (sometimes six). It consists of the following:

  • 1st and 2nd digits: Tree number.
  • 3rd and 4th digits: Tooling pattern number.
  • 5th digit: Finish number or letter.

A 6th or 7th digit will be present on some saddles, which denotes the leather color (“B” for chestnut leather) or type of finish (“AN” for an antique finish).


  • 46: Signature
  • 49: Sharon Camarillo Combo/Roper, full quarter horse bars, dee rigged front, slot in back. Performance rigging is NOT available on this tree.
  • 60: Sharon Camarillo Performance Light, full quarter horse bars (with single skirt).
  • 62: Sharon Camarillo Performance Light, full quarter horse bars (with contoured skirt).
  • 63: Sharon Camarillo Performance Light, full quarter horse bars (with drop loop back housing).
  • 64: Sharon Camarillo Performance Light, full quarter horse bars (with large skirts).
  • 61: Sharon Camarillo Performance Light, semi quarter horse bars (available as special order only).
  • 84: Sharon Camarillo Combo/Roper, full quarter horse bars, dee rigged front and back.


  • 32: Intricate floral with “S” border.
  • 41: Acorn/oak pattern with border.
  • 44: Mini-basket weave.
  • 59: Basket weave with “S” border.
  • 60: Floral/basket combo with “Z” border.
  • 69: Waffle and floral
  • 76: Intricate floral/basket combo with “Z” border.

Other patterns are available.


The finish number or letter on a saddle denotes the amount of tooling that is on the saddle. A finish letter will always indicate that the untooled parts of the saddle will have border tooling on them. If the tooling pattern does not contain a border, then a shell tooled border will be used on the untooled parts.

  • 2: Full rough out.
  • W: Full rough out with border.
  • 5: Half breed – rough out jockey and fender, all other parts tooled.
  • Z: Half breed – rough out jockey and fender with border tooling, all other parts tooled.
  • 8: 7/8 tooled – rough out jockey, all other parts tooled.
  • Y: 7/8 tooled – rough out jockey, all other parts tooled.
  • 0: Fully tooled – all parts tooled.


Other available options to consider for your saddle include:

  • Seat colors and leather type (suede vs. ostrich).
  • Type of seat (traditional padded seat, hard seat, bicycle seat, inlaid seat).
  • Stainless steel spot package.
  • Saddle stitching on all parts.
  • Strings.
  • Conchos.
  • Russet leather or Chestnut leather (dark brown).
  • Antique finish and dyed edges.
  • Dyed background.
  • Rawhide edged or braided horn.


Contact Debbie Wood at (530) 895-1852 or Email Debbie at:

Saddle making is truly a craft and Court’s takes pride in making the best production saddle in the industry. For trophy saddles, roping or barrel racing saddles, ranch and cutting saddles I say make Court’s Saddles your choice and part of your success!