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Natalie from Texas, writes:

Dear Sharon,

I have owned my horse for two weeks. I have a difficult time catching him, loading him, leading him onto the wash rack and he is afraid of lunge whips. I would be very happy if you could help me with some of these problems.

Dear Natalie,

The issues you are having are all related to education. Hopefully, you bought your horse with realistic expectations knowing you would be facing a process of training. You will need patience and knowledge to start this process or support from a knowledgeable trainer to help provide the information. Here lies the problem. If you do not have the knowledge or the supervision of someone who does, you are in for major challenges and ultimate failure.

The ability to know how to catch your horse, how to correctly halter and lead him will be the first steps. I would suggest contacting a professional in your area to help guide you through this process. You can contact the Professional Horseman program through the American Quarter Horse Association for recommendations of trainers in your area.

I would also suggest you read Dr. Dave's article, One Step Horsemanship: A Sensible Approach to Horse Handling, in his section on this website.

The bond you will create through this process is the key to your success,