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Chris from Rhode Island, writes:

Dear Sharon,

My young horse is will turn five years-old in May of 2008. I have been trail riding and bringing him to the fun shows. The last fun show we attended, he kind of got wild. He was more interested in bucking than doing anything else. Should I be bringing him to the fun shows?

Dear Chris,

Fun shows at this stage of training are frustrating for both you and your horse. It sounds to me that you need to go back to basics. Address strengths and weaknesses in your training and your horse's ability. I recommend ground work, loping lots of even circles, and right/left exercises. Please refer to my Books and DVDs for resources designed to help you strengthen your horses foundation.

Also, I would remind you to look over Gerald, The Galloping Gringo's article about keeping your horse between you and the ground! The bad habit of bucking is not a safe habit for you or your horse, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed in your home training area or by a professional trainer.

Happy trails and safe riding,