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Adriana from Nuevo Leon, Mexico, writes:

Dear Sharon,

I recently saw a Barrel Racing competition and I liked it a lot! The speed, the control, the balance between the horse and rider. I began to experiment on my father’s ranch with my horse. My horse wants to run over the barrel! I tried the turn outside the arena around a little tree and she makes the turn very well.
How can I teach her to make the barrel turns as well as she makes the turn around the trees? I would like to train her for Barrel Racing competition.

Dear Adriana,

Most importantly, we want to train our horses to listen to us, not to respond so much to visual objects. If you can get a copy of my book, The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing, it will help you understand the training process of approaching each barrel, rating each barrel and turning each barrel, in order to make perfect controlled races.

You might be interested in attending the Spanish Speaking Fundamentals and Horsemanship Program I teach each September in Gainesville, Texas. Cristina Borregales de Rodriquez is one of my co-instructors. She flew from Venezuela to Nevada to attend one of my programs several years ago, and now she is one of my instructors! You may want to contact her direct for additional information. She may have a horse you could rent for the program.

Remember you are the driver of your horse. Where you look and rein is where you want your horse’s feet to go. You have the large brain, your horse the small one; it is up to you to choose and implement your horse’s direction through good horsemanship practice and training.

Enjoy the process,