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Robin from Wisconsin, writes:

Dear Sharon,

As you know from past Clinics, my problem has been tipping the 2nd barrel with my horse's hip. I have been working hard to fix the problem. After watching many videoed runs and watching myself continue to hit barrels, I finally got it! I lean forward coming out of the barrel and shift my hip into the inside of the turn. Holding my weight to the outside throughout the turn allows me to complete the turn and help my horse to stay balanced. I now have made three successful clean runs in a row! I have to remember to sit my turns and hold my weight centered in order to finish my turn successfully. I just have to make my runs mechanical for a while so not to fall back into my bad habit.

I wanted to share this revelation with your readers, as it appears to be a common problem.

Thanks for your help, I finally understand!

Dear Robin,

Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing you and your nice horses at out next Black Hawk College Clinic.

My best,