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Cari from North Carolina
Cassandra from Colorado
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Giolisa from Veraguas, Panama
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Lana from Arkansas
Lauaren from Arkansas
Madisin from Georgia
Pam from California
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Tonya from California

This section addresses questions and answers specific to correcting your horse when problems occur, both in training and during competition.

We encourage all beginners to purchase and use The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing. In addition, the Leading Edge Series and Pocket Pages are very valuable resources for riding patterns. Visit Sharon's Books and DVDs for more information.

Nothing replaces the value of personalized instruction. Be sure to check out our Clinic section for more information. We provide online registration for your convenience.

If your question is personal in nature, I may respond to you without posting the question and answer on the website. If you have not heard from me, either on the website or by Email, please contact me again.

I believe that it is our responsibility as horse owners, competitors, trainers, and managers to elevate our degree of learning to better train and communicate with our equine partners.