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RJ from California, writes:

Dear Sharon,

I would like to know how to adjust the Reinsman Short Shank Supremo Correction Bit #711. I have been told two ways to use the bit. The first suggestion was to tie up the noseband as it hangs low on the horse's nose; the second was to let it hang low on the nose. I feel the bit works best hanging on the nose with the bit pulled up in the mouth and the chain curb a little looser. I used the bit recently with this adjustment and it paid for itself 10 times over. Please advise, in your professional opinion, as to how this bit should be adjusted.

Dear RJ,

This is truly one of the best bits in the collection. When it works, it works great! You are right on with the adjustment. I too, like to let the noseband hang free. Whenever I am riding a bit with a gag design, I adjust with an aggressive wrinkle in the corners of the horse's mouth to compensate for the sliding mouthpiece. At the same time, in order to let the gag work, I adjust the curb to a neutral two-finger adjustment. Gag-type bits are unique to themselves and should not be adjusted so the curb has the first contact. If I need additional control, both the mouthpiece and the curb can be tightened for a quicker reaction.

Since this bit is truly a combination style that uses hackamore pressure on the nose and jaw for front to back control, and a bit with a mouth piece and curb for lift and lateral control, the combination style is an ideal choice for the sport of barrel racing, especially on a horse that is a little stiff, heavy in the shoulder or needs additional help to rate back before entering a turn.

Ride safe,