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Monika from Montana, writes:

Dear Sharon,

I purchased a Sharon Camarillo Lite saddle and love it! My problem is that my mare is so short coupled, the rear bars of the saddle press into her loin and causes her to become sore. I have tried several saddles and continue to run into the same problem.

I was wondering if your Sure Fit Ortho pad would help me solve this problem by filling in her back before it arches up to her hip. I have also considered a treeless saddle as my mare is already running 1D times and I hate to give up on her.

Dear Monika,

You are an intuitive rider to identify this problem and investigate your options. Now is certainly the time to address this problem before it affects your mare’s performance.

I would say you are on the right track to attempt to elevate the rear bars of the saddle so they do not rub or interfere with the loin area. However, you say that other than this problem the saddle fits well. I would recommend you try the regular “Competitor” pad #37824. This would not only fill in the area of the back in front of the loin but would also raise the back of the bars, hopefully enough to eliminate the problem. I would suggest you borrow these pads, or keep the new pads in their protective package long enough to experiment with the fit options, before you make your final purchase.

Keep in mind this is potentially a major problem. If your horse’s back is sore she will not be able to perform to her fullest capabilities. If the treeless saddle is the only answer, I would say use it.

Thank you for sharing your good judgment and understanding of conformation and saddle fit.

Best results,