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Ask Sharon


Linda from Texas, writes:

Dear Sharon,

I have a bit that you designed 20 years ago. It's a reinsman, model #723. The only thing is, in the current design, you changed the mouthpiece where it can't slide as much. Do you know where I can get two of the original #723 Reinsman bits? I need them badly and Reinsman can't make them without your permission.

Dear Linda,

If you will take the redesigned #723, loosen the curb to two fingers, and take the bit up in the horse's mouth to create a double wrinkle in the corners, I think you will like the redesigned version #723. I took some of the gag effect out of the bit to quicken the reaction time. This allows for more response in the rate and a snappier turn. I am happy to approve your order on the old model if Reinsman is up to making it for you.

I hope this helps. Ride safe,