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A Clothing Question

Kathi from Oklahoma, writes:

Dear Sharon,

I enjoy your website, books, and videos. I have gotten many of my questions answered well over the years. However, this question concerns your clothes. The vests and jackets you are wearing in photos are spectacular! Where would I find them to purchase? You always look so classy!

Dear Kathi,

Thank you for your compliment regarding my clothing! I love cowgirl clothing. For myself, I choose something that has “Town to Country” appeal. I like traditional styling with a bit of redesigned retro look for fun. At one time, I had my own line of cowgirl clothing through Schaeffer Outfitters, The Sharon Camarillo Collection. You might check their online catalog as they are still producing some of my designs under their label.

Double D Ranch Wear, Yoakum, Texas is another great design/manufacturer for jackets. And, of course, I am always in Wranglers. So to answer your question, some of what I wear has been my design and others are items I have picked up through the years. The key is to understand who you are and the style you feel the most comfortable with; then make it your signature!

Warm regards,