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Candi from Washington, writes:

Dear Sharon,

First of all, I would like to compliment you on a wonderful website. My questions are regarding saddles. I have a six year-old mare who seems to be in-between semi or full QH bars. I am wanting to buy one of your Courts saddles (maybe elite) but wanted to know how these generally run in tree size. I am thinking of buying the full and will be particular with padding. I also was wondering which of your saddles is your favorite for comfort and fit on a wide variety of horses. Thanks so much!

Dear Candi,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding saddles. I ride one 38 tree which is built on a semi QH bar. I also have a saddle on a full QH bar. I love them both. I have one Beduino bred mare that is more Thoroughbred and a Sharps Bay that is more QH. I can use either saddle on either horse but I do have to modify the padding. I admire the fact you understand the process of padding. Reinsman makes my pads and you certainly can pad a full QH to fit many horses. However, It would be my choice to fit the saddle to the horse as closely as you can with out considering extra padding.

For a description of my saddles and NEW saddles, please visit the Court's website.

I work with Blaine McIntyre to order my saddles. He is a rep for Court's Saddlery and will be a great resource in helping you decide which tree size would be the best for your horse. Make sure and tell him the description of your horse. You can reach Blaine through Email by clicking on his name above or give him a call at (303) 907-0720.

Please let me know if I can be of further help. I know you will love your Court's saddle as much as I love mine.

They truly are the best seat in the house!