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Sharon Camarillo

We welcome all of your questions. I am happy to share with you my experiences and thoughts relevant to issues you may have. I am getting a lot of questions on performance horsemanship fundamentals and encourage to you attend or keep attending our clinics. For practice in competition, the Camarillo Classics are perfect opportunities to showcase your skills and progress. In addition, my books and DVDs are valuable resources for in-depth information.

Because we are getting so many questions, we have reorganized this section. Categories are now in the small sidebar menu on the right of this page and your questions/answers are stored in these categories. This will enable others to read about similar issues they may be having. Sometimes a question and answer addresses several categories. For these types of questions, we will put them in the Training category. If we get questions on new subjects, we’ll add more categories as needed.

Within the category, you can find your question and answer by clicking on the link that corresponds to your name and state. You are welcome to surf all questions and answers.

Sometimes your question is so personal in nature, I may respond to you without putting it on the website. If you have not heard from me, either on the website or by Email, please contact me again.

Thanks to everyone for their questions! We hope all of our visitors to this section will find the information valuable.

Caring for and Choosing Your Horse

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